Innnovative Technology

In-house R&D Lab scientists formulate & improve products, processes, and production methods.

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Creative Branding

Don't just fulfill consumer expectations, exceed them, to create & strengthen Brand Identity.

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All Inclusive Distribution

Scalable Supply Chain systems to blend, fill, cap, label, pack, and ship products to retailers, end-users.

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Welcome to O.L. Products

O.L. Products provides a cost effective, innovative, and timely distribution process for your lotions, creams, ointments, gels, pastes, liquids, and cosmetic products to worldwide store shelves. We engineer, manufacture, fill, and package a wide range of consumer commodity products for the consumer goods industry utilizing Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) procedures. Our international capabilities, including specialized printing, packaging and distribution, can give your products the edge it needs to prosper in the global marketplace.